Department - Author 1

Physics Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Physics



Primary Advisor

Katharina Gillen


We propose two optical neutral atom traps for quantum computing involving the intersection of two or three laser beams. We simulate both the intensity and the potential energy of the interference pattern. From these simulations we create animations of how the potential energy and intensity change with varying angles of separation between the laser beams in the system. We parameterize lines through our interference pattern and fit simple harmonic oscillator potential energies to the potential energy wells calculated to characterize our interference pattern’s atom trapping capabilities. Finally, we investigate a possible quantum entanglement routine by observing how the geometry of both the intensity pattern and potential energy changes in our different animations. For the case of the double beam trap with different beam waists at θ = π/2, we found η = 41.8 KHz and ∆Utrap = 0.042 mK for BEC atoms, and η = 41.2 KHz and ∆Utrap = 12.4 mK for MOT atoms. For the case of the triple beam trap with all beams having equal parameters at θ = π/2, θ2 = 0, and γ = 3π/4 we found η = 8.00 KHz and ∆Utrap = 0.62 mK.

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