We present STAR measurements of charged hadron production as a function of centrality in Au+Au collisions at √sNN=130 GeV. The measurements cover a phase space region of 0.2T<6.0GeV∕c in transverse momentum and −1<η<1 in pseudorapidity. Inclusive transverse momentum distributions of charged hadrons in the pseudorapidity region 0.5<∣η∣<1 are reported and compared to our previously published results for ∣η∣<0.5. No significant difference is seen for inclusive pT distributions of charged hadrons in these two pseudorapidity bins. We measured dN∕dη distributions and truncated mean pT in a region of pT>pTcut, and studied the results in the framework of participant and binary scaling. No clear evidence is observed for participant scaling of charged hadron yield in the measured pT region. The relative importance of hard scattering processes is investigated through binary scaling fraction of particle production.



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