We report inclusive photon measurements about midrapidity (∣y∣<0.5) from 197Au+197Au collisions at √sNN=130 GeV at RHIC. Photon pair conversions were reconstructed from electron and positron tracks measured with the Time Projection Chamber (TPC) of the STAR experiment. With this method, an energy resolution of ΔE ∕ E≈2% at 0.5GeV has been achieved. Reconstructed photons have also been used to measure the transverse momentum (pt) spectra of π0mesons about midrapidity (∣y∣<1) via the π0→γγ decay channel. The fractional contribution of the π0→γγ decay to the inclusive photon spectrum decreases by 20%±5% between pt=1.65GeV ∕ c and pt=2.4GeV ∕ c in the most central events, indicating that relative to π0→γγ decay the contribution of other photon sources is substantially increasing.



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