We investigate the cosmic evolution of the black hole (BH) mass–bulge luminosity relation using a sample of 52 active galaxies at z ∼ 0.36 and z ∼ 0.57 in the BH mass range of 107.4–109.1 M0. By consistently applying multicomponent spectral and structural decomposition to high-quality Keck spectra and high-resolution Hubble Space Telescope images, BH masses (MBH) are estimated using the Hβ broad emission line combined with the 5100 Å nuclear luminosity, and bulge luminosities (Lbul ) are derived from surface photometry. Comparing the resulting MBH − Lbul relation to local active galaxies and taking into account selection effects, we find evolution of the form MBH/Lbul ∝ (1 + z)γ with γ = 1.8 ± 0.7, consistent with BH growth preceding that of the host galaxies. Including an additional sample of 27 active galaxies with 0.5



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