The ramp-up of the LHC operation has been exceptionally fast: from the first acceleration of a single bunch at nominal intensity (1.1E11 p) to 3.5 TeV/c on May 2010, to the accumulation of 11 fb-1 integrated luminosity two years later (June 2012). On the RF side this was made possible by a few key design choices and several developments, that allow reliable LHC operation with 0.35 A DC beam at 4 TeV/c (1380 bunches at 50 ns spacing, 1.5E11 p per bunch). This paper reviews the RF design and presents its performance. Plans are also outlined that would allow operation with 25 ns bunch spacing (doubling the beam current) and even increased bunch intensity with the target of above 1A DC current per beam, without big modification to the existing RF power system.



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