Long-slit optical emission-line spectra of the H2O megamaser galaxies ESO 103-G035, TXS 2226-184, and IC 1481 are evaluated in order to look for characteristics typical for water-megamaser galaxies. We present rotation curves, line ratios, electron densities, temperatures, and H luminosities. The successful line-profile decompositions rest on d-Lorentzians with an additional parameter d to adjust the wings, rather than Gaussians or Lorentzians as basic functions. No significant velocity gradient is found along the major axis in the innermost 2 kpc of TXS 2226-184. IC 1481 reveals a spectrum suggestive of a vigorous starburst in the central kiloparsec 108 years ago. None of the three galaxies shows any hints for outflows nor special features which could give clues to the presence of H2O megamaser emission. The galaxies are of normal Seyfert-2 (ESO 103-G035) or LINER (TXS 2226-184, IC 1481) type.



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