Young radio galaxies (YRGs) provide an ideal laboratory to explore the connection between the accretion disk and radio jet thanks to their recent jet formation. We investigate the relationship between the emission-line properties, the black hole accretion rate, and the radio properties using a sample of 34 low-redshift (z < 0.4) YRGs. We classify YRGs as high-excitation galaxies (HEGs) and low-excitation galaxies (LEGs) based on the flux ratio of high-ionization to low-ionization emission lines. Using the Hα luminosities as a proxy of accretion rate, we find that HEGs in YRGs have ~1 dex higher Eddington ratios than LEGs in YRGs, suggesting that HEGs have a higher mass accretion rate or higher radiative efficiency than LEGs. In agreement with previous studies, we find that the luminosities of emission lines, in particular Hα, are correlated with radio core luminosity, suggesting that accretion and young radio activities are fundamentally connected.



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