We present results from 30 nights of observations of the open cluster NGC 7789 with the Wide Field Camera on the Isaac Newton Telescope, La Palma. From ∼900 epochs, we obtained light curves and Sloan r'− i' colours for ∼33000 stars, with ∼2400 stars having better than 1 percent precision. We expected to detect ∼2 transiting hot Jupiter planets if 1 percent of stars host such a companion and a typical hot Jupiter radius is ∼1.2 RJ. We find 24 transit candidates, 14 of which we can assign a period. We rule out the transiting planet model for 21 of these candidates using various robust arguments. For two candidates, we are unable to decide on their nature, although it seems most likely that they are eclipsing binaries as well. We have one candidate exhibiting a single eclipse, for which we derive a radius of 1.81+0.09 −0.00 RJ. Three candidates remain that require follow-up observations in order to determine their nature.



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