Leading charm hadrons produced in hadron-nucleus interactions cannot be adequately described within the parton fusion model. Recent results on charm baryon production in ∑-A interactions at 330 GeV with the WA89 detector disagree with fusion predictions. Intrinsic heavy quark pairs in the ∑- (dds) wavefunction provide a simple mechanism for producing fast charm hadrons. We calculate leading charm baryon production from ∑-, ∏- and p projectiles in a two component model combining parton fusion with intrinsic charm. Final state D-, ∑ncn0, ≡ncn+, and ∧ncn+ dσ/dxnF distributions and D-/D +, DT/D + and A+~/-A+~ asymmetries are compared to WA89 data. Predictions are made for 650 GeV ∑-A and ∏-A interactions in the SELEX detector at Fermilab and for 800 GeV pA interactions.



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