High‐magnetic‐field‐Mössbauer and magnetic‐moment experiments have been performed with Ga2−xFexO3. This magnetic system is of considerable interest because it is piezoelectric, weakly magnetic,1 and magnetoelectric.2 The crystal structure has been determined3 and a magnetic ordering inferred.3 The magnetic‐moment measurements were made using a vibrating sample magnetometer in fields up to 75 kOe. The samples used for the Mössbauer absorption experiments consisted of 57Fe enriched powders, grown from a flux, embedded in lucite, and having x=0.8 and 1.2. A mosaic absorber made of small x‐ray oriented single crystals was also studied. Measurements were made over the temperature range 4.2° to 320°K and in external magnetic fields up to 130 kOe. At low temperatures the zero‐external field‐absorption spectra indicate that there are at least two magnetically nonequivalent sites. In a large external field the hyperfine spectrum lines corresponding to Δm=0 vanish, while each of the outer lines (corresponding to Δm=±1) splits into two well‐resolved components of unequal intensity. Detailed analysis of the experimental results for both the single crystal and polycrystalline absorbers indicates that at zero external field all spins lie in the a−c plane (c



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