Small (≤1 mg) single crystals of γ-Co(pyr)2Cl2 have been grown and measurements of magnetic moment vs applied field H and temperature have been made for 0≤H≤54 kG and 1.25 K≤T≤4.2 K. At 1.25 K, metamagnetic transitions are observed along the a-axis at ~700 G; along the b-axis at both ~800 and ~1500 G; and along the c-axis at ~4 kG. The low field susceptibilities show a maximum at T≃3.4 K for each orientation. Magnetic saturation is not achieved at 54 kG; about 2.5 µB is achieved along the a*- or b-axes, whereas a lower moment is achieved along the c-axis, Along the b-axis, the low field moment change is 1/2 the higher field moment change, suggesting a six-sublattice magnetic structure.



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