The levels of Te125 have been studied using Sb125 nuclei, polarized at T=0.014°K in an iron lattice, and Ge(Li) detectors. The magnetic moment of Sb125 was determined as (2.59±0.03) μN. Levels (spins) were assigned at 35.9(3/2+), 145.4(11/2-), 322.2(9/2-), 443.7(probably 3/2+), 462.5(5/2+), 525.4(probably 9/2-), 636.1(7/2+), 642.3(7/2+), 671.6(5/2+) (energies in keV). The even-parity levels could be identified with levels calculated by Kisslinger and Sorensen. Using their wave functions, we calculated E2/M1 mixing ratios and branching ratios, finding quite good agreement. The odd-parity states are of special interest. The 11/2-145.4-keV state and 9/2-525.4-keV state are assigned as h11/2 quasiparticle and h11/2 quasiparticle plus phonon. The 9/2- state at 322.2 keV is not predictable on a single-quasiparticle-plus-phonon theory, and is assigned as a three-quasiparticle ( h11/2)3 intruder state, bearing out Kisslinger's prediction that (j3)j-1 intruder states should be found in low-lying spectra for high j. Evidence for other intruder states in Rh100, Ag109, and Ag110 is given.



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