Natural Resources Management Department

Degree Name

BS in Environmental Management Protection




Scott Sink


The topic area for this Senior Project is Environmental Education. There were four environmental hands-on lesson plans that were created for the non-profit organization Camp Fire USA, Central Coast Council. These lessons will be implemented at Camp Natoma, the resident camp the Central Coast Council owns in Paso Robles, California. The lesson plans take up hour-long increments and have been created for youth ages eight through fifteen. The topics covered in the lessons include: composting; reduce, reuse, and recycle; solar energy; and wetlands. These lesson plans will be implemented as a new “Nature Class” that campers can choose to take this summer at camp and will be available for other staff members to facilitate with their camp groups throughout the week. This project will have many potential impacts including enhancing camper’s critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective decision-making skills. It can help to teach campers to make informed and responsible decisions by weighing different sides of an environmental issue and it can help to increase camper’s interest and motivation in preserving the environment for future generations.