Natural Resources Management and Environmental Sciences Department

Degree Name

BS in Soil Science




Terry Smith


Banding is a more intense application of fertilizers than broadcasting. Literature reviews have indicated that a higher amount of phosphorus in the root zone can enhance the growth and development of seedlings (Amin and Zaidi, 2004). Field trials on Sandy and Loam soils were conducted to test the effects of rock phosphate on sweet corn. These effects were investigated by studying the height, dry weight and phosphorus uptake of plants grown in soils banded with 0-90 lb P2O5/AFS. The results were moderate increases in plant height with applied rock phosphorus. The laboratory studies entailed oven drying forty day old corn plants to obtain their dry weights, then grinding and ashing the plants in order to extract the phosphorus through the phospho-molybdo-vanadate-nitric acid method. The phosphorus extraction showed a direct correlation between applied rock phosphate and phosphorus uptake by the plants.