Degree Name

BS in Forestry and Natural Resources




Douglas D. Piirto


Five Continuous Forest Inventories (CFI) and one Senior Project Inventory (Piper et al. 1989) at Swanton Pacific Ranch in Davenport, CA were compiled and standardized to be formatted for input into Forest and Stand Evaluation Environment (FORSEE) growth and yield modeling software. Data from field books and Excel spreadsheets located on the Cal Poly Natural Resources Management Department hard drive was transcribed into a Microsoft Excel database. Data sources and authenticity were verified by cross-referencing plot data from multiple sources, associated senior project reports, and location on the Swanton grid system. An additional summary spreadsheet was made to help users select and establish confidence in the data. This project standardizes the Swanton timber inventory system creating a powerful CFI database to support future forest management decisions at Swanton Pacific Ranch.