Natural Resources Management and Environmental Sciences Department

Degree Name

BS in Environmental Management and Protection




Norman Pillsbury


Water scarcity is becoming an ever growing concern in the world today. Fresh potable water is a natural resource which is being used more rapidly than it is being replenished. A growing global population, agriculture, and industry have placed great demands on our water resources. There is a need to help conserve our planet’s fresh water reserves. A tremendous percentage of household drinking water in the United States is currently being used to flush toilets, water yards and wash laundry or dishes. A practice termed ‘greywater recycling’ allows a person to utilize slightly used water to irrigate landscapes and flush away waste. This practice began centuries ago in arid lands where water and rainfall were scarce. Greywater recycling in now being seen in certain areas of the United States, but there is a greater need for education on this topic. Homeowners will find that through greywater recycling, they can save money and fresh water resources simultaneously.