A Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) is required of every state in order to be eligible for grants from the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act. The LWCF Act requires the SCORP to include the following: a) the name of the state agency with authority to act for California in dealing with the Secretary of the Interior for the purposes of the LWCF Act, b) an evaluation of the demand for and supply of the outdoor recreation resources and facilities in the state, c) a program for the implementation of the Plan, d) certification by the governor that ample opportunity for public participation has taken place in Plan development, e) other necessary information as may be determined by the Secretary.

The 2007 Survey on Public Opinions and Attitudes on Outdoor Recreation in Californiaincluded a telephone survey, an adult mail survey, youth focus groups, and a youth mail survey in order to provide a comprehensive view of the outdoor recreation patterns and preferences of Californians. The measurement of various items on the surveys was changed substantially from earlier surveys (2002, 1997, etc.) in order to attempt to increase response rates, improve the readability of the survey instruments, and to provide a contemporary view of outdoor recreation in California. For example, the 2008 telephone survey focused on physical activity that occurs in parks. Similarly, the adult mail survey added components on leisure constraints, issues regarding global warming, and enhanced measures of latent demand for recreation activities. Finally, the youth survey addressed issues important to California’s youth and included items regarding the recently developed and Governor endorsed California Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights (COBR).

The sampling procedures resulted in a telephone survey of 2,780 Californians of which, 1,227 also completed a mail/online survey. In addition, 397 youth participated in the youth mail survey.


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