College - Author 1

College of Liberal Arts

Department - Author 1

World Languages and Cultures Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BA in Spanish



Primary Advisor

Karen Muñoz-Christian, College of Liberal Arts, World Languages and Cultures Department


This project seeks to show how I managed to translate texts from English to Spanish through the process of learning the concept of translation. It specifically seeks to demonstrate how to accurately translate a notion or message from one language to another without creating misunderstandings or errors. This project includes documents from the College of Engineering at Cal Poly, that I translated from English to Spanish in the hopes that members of the Hispanic community will be able to access them and learn more about the various study options the College of Engineering offers. We live in a very diverse world that keeps changing and evolving and as a result we have changed our ways of communicating and how we access information. Because we live in a very diverse society it is necessary to provide information in the main languages the public communicates in to build a strong community.

Using the comprehensive and intercultural competency abilities I've picked up from my courses and instructors, my project portrays my experience as a WLC student. I think the information and abilities I've acquired and developed have aided me in forging deep bonds with local and international communities. These abilities enable us to increase our employment and professional opportunities and improve our education and travel opportunities. My project aims to clarify the purpose of translation, the significance of it, and how comprehension of this educational technique may help develop more persuasive arguments that put the Hispanic population at the heart of contemporary society rather than on the outskirts of it.