College - Author 1

College of Liberal Arts

Department - Author 1

World Languages and Cultures Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BA in Spanish



Primary Advisor

Martha C. Galvan-Mandujano, College of Liberal Arts, World Languages and Cultures Department


This project attempts to cultivate awareness of ethical and professional perspectives that reflect linguistic and cultural heritage. In other words, creatively share the culture and history of Latin American countries. To achieve this, this project consists of two short stories I have translated. The stories were originally written in Spanish and I have translated them to English. Furthermore, each story is from a different Latin American country (one is from Argentina and the other is from Guatemala). To carry out this project, I began by researching simple background information of each country to which the stories belong to. Afterwards, I read each story multiple times to ensure I had a proper comprehension of the readings. For the majority of my work, I made use of several Spanish-English dictionaries and glossaries to aid my translations. In addition to using prior knowledge of translation theories and techniques, I also cautiously used online “translation machines” as these are not always accurate.

This project was of great interest to me because it was an opportunity to creatively use Spanish and other target languages to share meaningful cultural pieces of work. As a student, I have developed communicative competency to productively work on this project which highlights the importance of cultural influence on linguistics and arts. Overall, the intent of this project is to put my bilingual skills to a good use and share Latin American cultural heritage to non-Spanish speakers.