College - Author 1

College of Liberal Arts

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Modern Languages and Literatures Department



Primary Advisor

Karen Muñoz Christian


Día del Niño recognizes children worldwide on different days and in unique ways, yet its message remains universal: a dedication to the children of our world and the opportunity to raise awareness of the social and economic issues they face daily. Every child of our future deserves respect, recognition and the rights set forth by the United Nations, which can be made possible through collective support and cultural awareness. Pacheco Elementary, a dual-immersion program dedicated to bilingualism in Spanish and English, promotes the annual Día del Niño celebration to honor every student and to bring the Central Coast together in an educational environment.

Through collaboration and dedication in support of Día del Niño, my partner and I will utilize our language and interpersonal skills to actively organize and participate in the annual event for Pacheco Elementary and for our community. Our learning experiences will be supported with background research to recognize the historical significance of this celebration on a local and global scale, as well as a personal reflection detailing the influential factors involved in coordinating the event for Pacheco Elementary and the benefits and lessons gained from completion of the assignment.

The focus of the project includes promoting cultural awareness through bilingual communication, education and positive community collaboration to inspire adults and children of diverse backgrounds. It also presents the importance of raising the respect for the children of our world and supporting opportunities to experience peaceful demonstrations of unity and creative expression.