College - Author 1

College of Liberal Arts

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World Languages and Cultures Department

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BA in Spanish



Primary Advisor

Silvia Marijuan, College of Liberal Arts, World Languages and Cultures Department


This website serves the purpose of educating the community of the process of the implementation of bilingual education programs, specifically dual immersion programs. Because the demand for bilingual education is evidently high in the San Luis Obispo County, it is important for local families and community members to have access to information regarding the implementation process. The website provides detailed information from the book Designing and Implementing Two-Way Bilingual Programs by Calderón and Minaya-Rowe. As bilingual education rises in popularity, it is essential that all members of the community are aware of not only the benefits of bilingual education programs, but also the various forms and models of these programs. Dual immersion programs are extremely effective. Pacheco Elementary located in San Luis Obispo is one example of a successful dual immersion program in place. Because Baywood Elementary in Los Osos is beginning their transition to a bilingual program, also dual immersion, is the reasoning for the focus of dual immersion programs on this website. This information is not only valuable to members of this community, but also in communities who do not already have bilingual education programs implemented in their schools, but have the desire to. One of the most important takeaways learned from research is that the implementation process can be initiated by anyone. This includes parents, teachers, administrators-- any member of the community. The lack of resources regarding this implementation process inspired me to create this website. All community members should be provided with the knowledge to advocate and initiate for the education that they want for their children.