College - Author 1

College of Liberal Arts

Department - Author 1

Modern Languages and Literatures Department



Primary Advisor

Karen Muñoz Christian


This project entails the translation of the business management software of MINDBODY to Spanish to facilitate international communication and commerce for the company. This translation is meant to better equip MINDBODY with the tools necessary to engage in bilingual international commerce. Translation of this software demo is intended to aid the company’s Spanish speaking clientele and prospective clients by breaking down many of the language barriers they currently face with the software in English, and also to promote the recognition of the growing need for bilingualism in the rapidly changing world, both within and outside the realm of business.

The translation is done by way of the language settings within the MINDBODY software. By accessing and altering these settings, I am able to translate the vast majority of the software to Spanish. I collaborate weekly with a mentor at MINDBODY to gain insight into how I can make the transition of the software as comprehensive, effective and beneficial as possible for MINDBODY and for the company’s Spanish-speaking clients.

This project allows me to exhibit the skill and knowledge I have gained from my undergraduate language studies at Cal Poly and abroad in Chile. MINDBODY is a leading software company, and as an employee, I see the struggle many of our natively Spanish-speaking clients face with the software in English. Translation of a demonstration of the software to Spanish is a significant stepping-stone for the company and for myself. With the knowledge that I have gained during my university studies, this endeavor allows me an invaluable experience that I will take forward and benefit from in the future. This project unites the world of liberal arts with that of business, and merges many of the facets that comprise my life. Through the translation of the Personal Training demo of the MINDBODY software to Spanish, I am able to benefit a company that I believe in, promote bilingualism and the breakdown of language barriers, and exhibit my love for languages and the skill I have acquired during my time at Cal Poly.