College - Author 1

College of Liberal Arts

Department - Author 1

Modern Languages and Literatures Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BA in Modern Languages and Literatures



Primary Advisor

Karen Muñoz Christian


The intent of this project is to translate various documents used by the United Way of San Luis Obispo County from English to Spanish. Due to the large number of native Spanish-speakers in San Luis Obispo County, there is a great need for information about community resources to be available in Spanish. Due to the nature of languages having many dialects, a significant amount of research was put into determining the dialect and word choice for the translations. Factors considered included region, educational level, socioeconomic status, etc. The translation was completed using a form of Spanish that sought to avoid colloquial terms in order to be best understood by any Spanish-speaking person. The translation also took into account the varying educational levels of Spanish-speakers in San Luis Obispo County. For this reason, the translations are written with language that is simple, and easy to understand.

The documents translated in this project include but are not limited to brochures, donation forms, waitlist and welcome letters, information about community aid programs, etc. The project is intended to give Spanish-speaking families in San Luis Obispo County the same access to resources as their English-speaking counterparts. Many of the resources translated contain valuable information about health, education, and financial programs, which are of great use to families in the County.