College - Author 1

College of Liberal Arts

Department - Author 1

Modern Languages and Literatures Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BA in Modern Languages and Literatures



Primary Advisor

Fernando Sánchez


The intent of this project is to research and observe how current language teaching techniques could be improved to better accommodate introverted students. One third of the population identifies as introverted, yet language classes are obviously designed for extroverted students. Introverted students have unique learning styles that are being overlooked, and this project aims to create options that would improve introvert’s language acquisition.

This project consists in three parts: first, an observation of identified introverts and extroverts in beginning and intermediate language classes at Cal Poly. I kept an informal journal on what is working and what isn’t working for introverted students. Second, I gathered research on introverts, extroverts, language acquisition, and language teaching techniques to compose a formal study on the subject. And lastly, I created a solution in the form of a hypothetical class that incorporates what I have observed and researched, including lesson plans, activities, and environment that will allow introverts and extroverts to thrive.

As an introverted Modern Languages and Literatures student, I am not satisfied with the amount of language proficiency I was able to acquire in my language classes. I believe that my quiet, introspective tendencies have hindered my ability to communicate sufficiently in a second language, and that if I had been given the right tools to fit my learning style, my Spanish fluency would have been better. This project allowed me to discover the ways that I, and other introverts learn best while exploring ways to fix my problem.