College - Author 1

College of Liberal Arts

Department - Author 1

Modern Languages and Literatures Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BA in Modern Languages and Literatures



Primary Advisor

Fernando Sánchez


This project focuses on capturing the life of two Mexican individuals who later encountered in the United States. The intent of this senior project is to interview my mother and father to see through their eyes the life they had in Mexico, their motivation to cross the border, the difficulties of crossing the border and assimilating to the new culture. These interviews will be a basis for this novel so that the reader can see how the American Dream came with struggle and pain. Each chapter will close at a common point in both character’s life so that the reader can see similarities and differences and how these two completely different people came together to create a family. Exposing my parent’s stories may give comfort and be an eye opener, allowing the reader to reflect upon life and how people risk everything for a better future. Also, their stories are important because I have seen their efforts in reaching the American Dream, which is why I believe that their efforts should be recognized. This exposes how each individual comes from different backgrounds, yet everyone has the same goal: pursuing happiness.

As a Modern Languages and Literature major, I will use all the tools learned to develop the themes and language of this novel. The novel will be written in the native language spoken: Spanish. In order for the reader to have a full understanding of the context, I will include the meaning of certain idioms or slang in the introduction.