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Modern Languages and Literatures Department



Primary Advisor

William Martinez Jr.


El golpe de estado en Chile de 1973 y como una persona lo experimentó

James W. Larkin California Polytechnic State University

The focus of this senior project is to illustrate the societal and political atmosphere surrounding the 1973 military overthrow of the Chilean government and the fascist regime that followed through the personal perspective. The project consists of two parts: The first is a brief synopsis of the events leading to, surrounding and following the overthrow of Salvador Allende’s government. The research provides an adequate understanding of the historic events and context in which they occurred. The second section provides an eyewitness account of the events described in the first through a transcribed interview. Using the information acquired while researching and writing the first section, pertinent questions and themes of discussion for an oral interview are discussed. The interview is conducted with Dr. Hernán Castellano-Girón who lived through the events prior to, during and after the coup. The transcription of the accounts related by Dr. Castellano-Girón provides a personalized illustration of the events revealed in section one.

The project aims to illuminate a historical event in a more concrete—rather than abstract—manner, along with its personal and communal impacts. It intends to show what effect a major political and cultural upheaval has had on the Chilean people.

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Castellano-Girón entrevista 1 de 3 partes

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Castellano-Girón entrevista 2 de 3 partes

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Castellano-Girón entrevista 3 de 3 partes