College - Author 1

College of Liberal Arts

Department - Author 1

Modern Languages and Literatures Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BA in Modern Languages and Literatures



Primary Advisor

Fernando Sánchez


This project attempts to document the development of the City of Industry, located in eastern Los Angeles County, and to examine the environmental as well as socio-economic effects this industrial hub maintains on its surrounding neighborhoods. City of Industry, since its incorporation in 1957, has established an alarming precedent as a privatized city that has informed concrete changes in the local economy, the environment, and the public health of the surrounding communities that are predominantly Latina(o).

The research undertaken for this project represents an interdisciplinary intersection of a special topic in the study of Industrial Engineering: the global logistics industry, which consists of the commercial activity of transporting goods to customers. This topic intersects with the humanities if we consider that in Los Angeles County, and particularly in the City of Industry, a Latina(o) Spanish-speaking population are both the workforce of this industry and the nearby inhabitants that are subject to the concentrated wealth of City of Industry and its effects on the environment. The aims of this project will be met through scholarly research, and will particularly pay homage to Victor Valle’s City of Industry: Genealogies of Power in Southern California.

This project is both personal and far-reaching as it documents the very things that informed my choices in pursuing a B.A. in Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies (LAES), with concentrations in Industrial Engineering and a double major in Modern Languages and Literatures (MLL). Yet it also documents issues that apply to fellow Latina(o) Angelenos, many of whom are first-generation Chicanos and college students, as well as those who are not.