College - Author 1

College of Liberal Arts

Department - Author 1

Modern Languages and Literatures Department



Primary Advisor

Karen Muñoz Christian


For my senior project I, along with another Modern Languages and Literatures student, Asia Croson, assisted two separate classes of the City and Regional Planning department to survey the communities of Santa Maria and San Joaquin in order to help compile a general plan for each city for the year 2040. I worked alongside another Modern Languages and Literatures student, Asia Croson. We translated presentations for the community meetings held in San Joaquin throughout the process, as well as facilitating small group discussions within those meetings. The existing general plans are outdated and many citizens are living in less than comfortable situations, and we hope that the new general plan can provide relief and enjoyment for citizens. Citizens in Santa Maria are currently unsatisfied with the condition of their parks, community events, and nightlife, while citizens in San Joaquin are mostly frustrated with the lack of bilingual personnel and the existing water problems in the city. Both communities are largely Spanish speaking and would like to see more adult education English classes being taught at a wider variety of times. The General Plan being compiled by the two separate CRP classes will benefit the communities of San Joaquin and Santa Maria by providing this normally expensive service for free. At the same time, the CRP students acquired valuable practice in their field, while Asia and I gained experience and exercised our knowledge of Spanish and Hispanic culture by working with the Spanish speaking communities of San Joaquin and Santa Maria.