College - Author 1

College of Liberal Arts

Department - Author 1

Modern Languages and Literatures Department



Primary Advisor

Kevin Fagan


My project aims to address the ideas, perceptions, and roles of race in Latin America. Latin America is a vast and diverse region that is often misunderstood by those unfamiliar with the culture. By researching the notions of race in this particular region, I aim to provide a clearer understanding on the various topics that stem from race, including racism, discrimination, racial whitening, and racial transformation.

First, I intend on examining the origins and implications of race, relating these topics to the Spanish Conquests. I will then identify and discuss the predominant races found within the region, giving a brief history of how and when each race first appeared. I will then thoroughly discuss the social stigmas of race in Latin America, as well as acknowledge the differences that exist in different geographical regions. Furthermore, I intend on discussing the concept of blanqueamiento, as well as the theory that a person’s race can change through the modification of certain behaviors. I will then discuss the rise of indigenous movements during the 1900’s and their effect on the region. Finally, I will compare and contrast the notions of race and racism in Latin America to those in the United States.