College - Author 1

College of Liberal Arts

Department - Author 1

Modern Languages and Literatures Department



Primary Advisor

Gloria Velasquez


Language Outreach and Opportunities for Kids (L.O.O.K) is a Cal Poly student coordinated community service program enhancing the San Luis Obispo community by organizing student led lesson plans at local elementary schools. The program focuses on introducing different cultures and languages through bilingual education. Partnering with L.O.O.K for my senior project will allow me to format unique and interactive lesson plans that focus primarily on the acquisition of a second language through music. The lesson plans will be enhanced by the use of bilingual songs as an integral component of each lesson.

In addition to my direct interaction with the youth of Pacheco Elementary, I intend to conduct supportive research on the importance of bilingual education in the United States and, more specifically, on how music and songs enhance the acquisition of both target languages. Furthermore, I plan to include a brief history of L.O.O.K, its purpose and prevalence in the community of San Luis Obispo, and its effectiveness in promoting bilingual education as well as sharing diverse cultures and languages. Finally, I intend to record the songs in order to provide a demonstration of the work completed with my project.

During my time at Cal Poly as a Modern Languages and Literatures Major, I began to appreciate more the multiculturalism in our society. Volunteering for L.O.O.K has given me the opportunity to share my passion for languages and cultures with young children as well as emphasizing the importance of diversity. Because of this experience, I intend, with my senior project, to inspire the youth of San Luis Obispo about learning a second language.