Department - Author 1

Mechanical Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Mechanical Engineering



Primary Advisor

Sarah Harding


Mustang Adaptive Nordic Sports has undertaken a recreational sit ski as a mechanical engineering senior project. The team consists of four seniors: Daniel Murray, Krystina Murrietta, Tom Silva, and Allen Thrift. The goal of this project was to design, build, and test an adjustable sit ski that is lightweight and accommodates different users. The first half of this project focused on researching past senior projects and existing designs, defining the need and specifications, brainstorming, designing, and analyzing the validity of the final design. The second half of this project required the acquiring materials, building the prototype and testing it. The design presented in this report accommodates two leg positions, legs-out and teacup, where legs-out is a separate attachment. Removable footrests were manufactured in order to vary the rider’s foot position for maximum comfort. The single binding system was modeled for NNN since it is the most common type of cross-country ski used. This design incorporated many of the benefits of the previous designs while minimizing the overall weight of the sit ski assembly. The main components of the design are the aluminum 6063 frame, the modular legs-out attachment, the single binding system, and the large bucket seat. All manufactured components met assessment calculations in stress and deflection.