Department - Author 1

Mechanical Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Mechanical Engineering



Primary Advisor

Brian Self


The goal of the Strider project was to create a mobility device that would support a person with weakened leg strength and allow them to push the device around with their legs and build more leg strength. There are many health benefits to standing and the Strider was intended to help a person with a disability experience these benefits. The Strider is a fully independent device that the user can get into and maneuver without assistance. The device is also safe, highly maneuverable, and complies with all ADA standards and requirements.

The design is built around a frame that supports the user. A lowered push-off bar allows the user to push out of his wheel chair and the frame supports the user’s weight. The user then uses the transfer seat to get into the device. The transfer seat locks in the downward position so the user can sit in it while getting into the harness. Once the harness is attached, the transfer seat can be unlocked and swung back out of the way and the torso support system then is closed. At this point the harness supports the majority of the user’s weight and the user can now move the device around with his legs.

Testing showed that a user can get into the device without help. However, the process is much more involved than originally believed, but with practice our user can learn how to transfer easily. The device moves very well for a person who is used to controlling their legs. However, for a person with less practice, accurately steering the Strider is a little trickier.

Overall, the Strider fulfills the goals of the project. The user can get into the device and maneuver it around. The device also gives the user a workout. Future projects that are similar might want to look for alternative wheels that can provide better traction on smooth surfaces. This is especially important when the user is getting into the device and the brakes are on. As of now, the device slips a little on smooth floors while the user is getting into it. Lastly, having more adjustable arm rests would be beneficial.