College - Author 1

College of Engineering

Department - Author 1

Mechanical Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Mechanical Engineering



Primary Advisor

Eltahry Elghandour


The roofing manufacturer GAF located in Shafter, CA is in pursuit of a mechanism with the ability to improve the quality of paint lining applied on a dynamic roll of roofing shingles. The mechanism must consist of an alignment system along which a paint line applicator can be adjusted in the vertical direction and operate at a certain range of speeds. Other requirements for the mechanism demand that it is feasibly portable, reasonably durable, capable of accurate alignment, mountable to the ground, and within a budget of $15,000. With the customer's design requirements established and understood, a one-year project has been outlined with details on how the objectives assigned to the Cal Poly 2018 senior project team will be satisfied. The first quarter was spent researching, brainstorming ideas, drafting a Quality Functional Deployment chart and producing different design concepts from which a final design would be made. After finalizing the design concept, it was presented to GAF for evaluation where approval and feedback were provided. After evaluating the feedback from GAF, the team proceeded with the project doing an Interim Design review to finalize the design by deciding which parts of the design concept can remain in use, and identifying parts that needed to be changed or added to. Some of the original structural components were modified in an effort to help improve the quality of paint application. Additionally, the Pac-Man device is driven by a belt and pulley coupled to a motor while maintaining the use of a mill table and hydraulic scissor link table for horizontal and vertical position adjustability respectfully. Throughout the second quarter the team was tasked with conducting a critical design review which involved calculations needed for design verification. Also the majority of the quarter was spent on planning for the manufacturing and testing part of the following quarter. The third and final quarter was spent doing a final design review where the team concludes the project with the last round of design modifications, followed by a hardware and safety demo. From there the project was assembled and tested after all parts were ordered, manufactured, and assembled. This was then followed by the project exposition where it has been presented and shown to viewers what it was designed for and how it operates.