Department - Author 1

Mechanical Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Mechanical Engineering



Primary Advisor

Jim Meagher


This design report details the design process utilized by Adaptive Exercise Designs (AED) in creating the sixth design of the Universal Play Frame (UPF). The UPF is an adaptive frame which supports a variety of devices that allows athletes in wheelchairs with limited range of motion to participate in physical activity. The past five frame designs do not meet the needs of the Friday Club due to complications with function and time constraints. To ensure all of Fridays Club's needs were met, the problem was better defined by converting the customer requirements into engineering specifications. The design process our team followed was guided by the engineering specifications and is presented in detail in this report.

The final dimensions of the UPF VI that varied from the original anticipated design are summarized as follows. The UPF VI utilizes four 12’’ wheels instead of two wheels like the previous UPFs. The additional and larger wheels will improve the frame's ability to maneuver over different terrain. In the final design the frame weighs approximately 50 lbs. The frame is 40’’ wide (fixed width) to provide clearance for the user’s wheelchair and for the UPF wheels to rotate. The height adjusts between the range of 34’’ and 42’’ and has a maximum length of 74” in order to accommodate different height and length wheelchairs. The Cargo Buckle ratchet tie-down was selected as a new method of attachment in order to allow for a quick and easy connection of the UPF to the wheelchair. The UPF VI cost a total of $1,239.65, which includes an estimated $130.00 for a powder coat to improve the visual aesthetics of the UPF.