College of Engineering


Mechanical Engineering Department

Degree Name

BS in Mechanical Engineering




Peter J. Schuster


Within this document, the “Pursuit of Hoppiness” team will clarify some of the details associated with completing this design project. The project is focused on designing a mechanism for tennis players and coaches of all ages that is able to collect tennis balls around a tennis court, specifically around the net and fence. The goal is to make the final product lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to use. With multiple ideation sessions, the team was able to brainstorm several ideas that serve the above functions and constraints.

The initial process began with choosing two different ideas that followed through until the beginning of the final phase of our senior project timeframe. The two prototypes were built to show the functions of gathering and collecting tennis balls. At this point, both prototypes were presented to our sponsor so that as a team, one prototype was chosen to move forward with. The Paddlewheel mechanism was chosen as the final product to build and deliver.

There were multiple tests performed on the Paddlewheel mechanism to ensure the intended goals were met. This project includes a functionality of a four-bar linkage system that incorporates a locking component that locks the linkage system and bin at different positions. For the second iteration of this project, there will be a cable-locking system implemented on the handle that will allow the user to pull a smaller handle that will disengage the locking pin for ease of rotating the four-bar linkage system.