Department - Author 1

Mechanical Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Mechanical Engineering



Primary Advisor

Tom Mase


The main goal of the Squirting Balloon Toy project was to create a new toy that combined both a helium balloon and a squirting water component near the base of the balloon. The toy will be sold at theme parks, fairs, and to other retailers such as toy stores with the target audience of primarily children and their parents, or any individuals seeking a good laugh when they spray their unsuspecting target. As a result, the toy was designed to be both visually appealing and to have an element of surprise. After testing and analyzing four different conceptual designs, two final designs were chosen to be further developed. Both use a helium filled balloon, connected to flexible tubing and a water container and trigger, similar to a spray bottle. The user squeezes the trigger, water travels up the tube, into a floating disk connected at the base of the balloon, through small channels in the disk, ultimately exiting four small holes spraying individuals in its range. The pump and reservoir are similar to a common spray bottle, however the pump is vertical instead of horizontal in order to allow water to flow straight up the tubing instead of horizontally when exiting the pump device. Both incorporate a disk design and can float (including the weight of the tubing and water in the tube) when the balloon is filled with helium. Although the main goal of the designs is for no extra support to be required to hold up the balloon, the non-spinning design can have a rigid support incorporated, so the toy does not require helium to be functional. The only difference between the two toys is the design of the disk. For the spinning disk, there are four channels with two connecting at 90° angles. For the non-spinning disk, there are four channels that are straight, similar to spokes on a wheel. The final toy designs are sturdy enough to be used either for a short period of time, such as a few days inside a theme park, or for a longer period of time, such as at someone’s residence. The only maintenance required would be to change the balloon and refill the water reservoir, which can be done relatively quick and easy. Since the balloons are interchangeable, this also allows the toy to be sold to appear unique and entertaining depending on the event or occasion. The water reservoir is also interchangeable, allowing the user to change how they would like to disguise their device, such as in popcorn or candy cotton container. The reaction time of the water leaving the reservoir to where it exits the disk is also fast enough to provide an element of surprise in the design. As a result, it is believed that the two disk designs meet JumpSport’s criteria for the Squirting Balloon Toy and will be a success when sold to customers.

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