Department - Author 1

Mechanical Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Mechanical Engineering



Primary Advisor

Joseph Mello


This project is geared towards the redesign and implementation of a crimping tool for use in the manufacturing of catheters produced by Medtronic Inc. Catheters require two steering cables to maneuver the end of the catheter through the body. The steering cables have a sleeve that is crimped onto their end in order to hold the cable in place inside the catheter steering handle. The current crimping tool, designed by Astro Tool Corp, has a few problems associated with its design. Additionally we are trying to get rid of a step in the manufacturing process that involves the adhesive, cyanoacrylate, being placed inside the sleeve to be crimped. The cyanoacrylate is added to increase the strength of the crimp from three to four pounds of force in shear to around eighteen pounds. However to simplify the manufacturing process we will need to come up with a crimp style for our device that will increase the allowable axial force to eighteen pounds with a metal to metal crimp alone and eliminate the need for an adhesive. The redesigned crimping tool will need high tolerance fit for each crimp as well as a repeatability of crimps for each cycle.

Die Head Assy Exploded View FINAL.SLDDRW (2107 kB)
Solidworks Drawing of Final Design

Die and Head Assy with Alignment Tool.SLDASM (3961 kB)
Solidworks File needed to open drawing

Medtronic Crimping (54775 kB)
All Part Files for Machine Assembly