Department - Author 1

Mechanical Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Mechanical Engineering



Primary Advisor

Lee McFarland


The following document is the Final Project Report. Following the Critical Design Report, the top idea was taken and modified once again to suit the needs of the sponsor. Details regarding the changes are outlined throughout Chapter 3.

The provided background section explains why there is a need for a new device at Tanimura and Antle that will suit the customer's needs better than current methods and existing products. The top ideas picked for the Conceptual Design Review are the presented to reiterate the problems that were depicted in them and why they were not selected as part of the final design. The final design selected is presented with the new modifications made after the Critical Design Report and includes all the material acquisition, building time, costs, and final production.

The testing plan will help provide new or updated information on the performance of the prototype and how to reiterate the design to achieve better results. New engineering requirements/specifications were also updated or added in order to correlate with the new design. An updated management plan also lays out the timeline for the rest of the project as well. The last section of this report contains information on how well the device works, how its design may be improved, and recommendations on actual use of the device at the Tanimura & Antle farm. The Appendices contain detailed information about the final design, its components and related costs, the timeline for goals, and any extra analysis that needed to be done for the actual construction of the final design.