Department - Author 1

Mechanical Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Mechanical Engineering



Primary Advisor

Jim Locascio


JumpSport, a company that designs and sells trampolines and trampoline accessories, has sponsored this senior project team to design, build, and test a trampoline fatigue test machine. The machine must simulate a person jumping on the trampoline to test the life of JumpSport’s fitness trampolines and kids’ trampolines. Partway through the design process, the objectives were altered and this senior project team was tasked with merging with another Cal Poly senior project group to create an all-inclusive test machine to accommodate both full-trampoline testing and individual bungee cord testing.

The final design is centered on a slider crank linkage driven by a servomotor. A load cell is bolted to the end of the slider crank for force measurements. An impactor subassembly is in turn bolted to the load cell. The impactor acts as the interface between the power system and the trampoline mat and is designed with running shoes attached to more closely mimic a person jumping. The linkage is supported by a gantry spanning the width of the supporting base plate. The base is mounted on leveling casters for transportation purposes. Some linkage and structure components are adjustable to account for varying strokes.

This report documents the Phase 1 design process including conceptual designs, research and analysis, the final design, the manufacturing process, and testing. This report focuses heavily on the processes leading up to choosing the slider crank linkage as the final design, and the analysis focuses on the impactor. Analysis of the linkage, gantry and frame, and motor will be included in the other senior project group’s report upon completion in Fall 2013 (students Chris D’Elia, Andrew Brock, and Ryan Murphy). Additional objectives of Phase 2 will be adding individual bungee cord testing functionality and applying the power system.