Department - Author 1

Mechanical Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Mechanical Engineering



Primary Advisor

Tom Mase


This proposal is for the development of an automated clutch release measurement device for Tilton Engineering, Inc. Tilton has expressed its desire for a piece of test equipment to supplement their existing CT2000 clutch clamp load testing machine. This device will acquire r el e as e load and travel data for the pressure plate of a clutch immediately after it is tested for clamp load on the CT2000 machine, and will serve as a quality control check for Tilton’s clutches before they are sent out to the customer. Tilton wants a clutch release test machine to ensure that their assembly and manufacturing processes are meeting their engineering specifications. They will also be able to gather more data during R&D which will help with the creation of better quality products. Currently Tilton does not have an accurate method of measuring c l u t c h release load and travel for their rebuilt clutches. This would be a useful verification to ensure that the clutch has been rebuilt to specification. Being able to pass this information on to the customer would also provide an extra level of verification and data. This machine will do the following for Tilton: 1. Help the customer select the best Tilton clutch for their requirements and their needs. 2. Verify that their clutch has been rebuilt to their satisfaction as well as Tilton’s specifications. 3. Verify that the release force of the rebuilt clutch is the same (or similar) to a brand new unit. 4. Allow Tilton Engineering to accurately measure and document the release loads for all clutches in the product line. This will allow Tilton to publish this data for customers that may need it and to establish upper and lower levels of what will be acceptable for quality control. 5. Provide release load data to the customer for their specific new and/or rebuilt clutch assemblies. 6. Support new research and development of new components and assemblies to augment the product line. 7. Provide a new tool for returned goods evaluation and failure analysis. This project has a number of individuals and organizations who are invested in the success of the project. These include: -‐ Tilton Engineering, Inc. – Sponsor -‐ Casey Lund – Contact -‐ Cal Poly Mechanical Engineering Department -‐ Dr. Tom Mase – Advisor -‐ Ryan Bylard, Kevin Campbell, Trevor Hebbel – Team Members Our goal is to produce a complete, working, fully documented device by Thursday, May 30th, 2013, the date of the Cal Poly Senior Project Expo. In addition, we aim to f ulfill all customer requirements and meet our self-set engineering targets, deliver t h e project within necessary budget constraints, and produce full documentation of each step of the process.