Department - Author 1

Mechanical Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Mechanical Engineering

Appendix A Final Gantt.mpp (416 kB)
Project Gantt Chart

Appendix B House of Quality.pdf (524 kB)
House of Quality

Appendix C Testing Plans and Results.docx (14 kB)
Testing Plans and Results

Appendix D-1.pdf (301 kB)
Cutting Mechanism: Decision Matrix

Appendix D-2.pdf (281 kB)
Positioning/Moving: Decision Matrix

Appendix D-3.pdf (305 kB)
Conveyor: Decision Matrix

Appendix E Testing Cost.xlsx (11 kB)
Prototype Testing Cost

Appendix G KMT cost estimate.pdf (13 kB)
KMT Cost Estimate

Appendix H Belt Tech.pdf (1324 kB)
Belt Technologies

New Conveyor (7914 kB)
SolidWorks Models and Drawings of Final Assembly



Primary Advisor

James M. Meagher