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Mechanical Engineering Department

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BS in Mechanical Engineering

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Sarah Harding



The project described herein is a senior design project for mechanical engineering students. This report details the design, build, and test process for the development of a wheelchair hand cycle attachment that drives the wheels of the wheelchair, rather than the wheel of the attachment.

The sponsor of the project, Mr. Greg O’Kelly is interested in such a device for his own use as well as having a working prototype as a “proof of concept”, should the design be successful enough to manufacture. From the sponsor’s perspective, in addition to acquiring a product he can use, this is also an opportunity to offer real world experience to a team of engineering students through the development of a solution to an existing problem.

There are six students working internationally to develop a single final product; three students in the United States attending California Polytechnic State University, and three students in Germany, attending the Hochschule München, School of Applied Sciences. From the student’s perspective, this is meant to be a capstone experience- the culmination of their engineering education, and a bridge between the academic world of theory and the professional world of actual product development.

This report covers the background for the project, design development, an in-depth description of the final design, a testing plan, a project management plan, and the conclusion to date.

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