College - Author 1

College of Science and Mathematics

Department - Author 1

Mathematics Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Mathematics



Primary Advisor

Linda Patton


The invariant subspace problem asks if every bounded linear operator on a Banach space has a nontrivial closed invariant subspace. Per Enflo has shown this is false in general, however it is known that every compact operator has an invariant subspace. The purpose of this project is to explore introductory results in functional analysis. Specifically we are interested in understanding compact operators and the proof that all compact operators on a Hilbert space have an invariant subspace. In the process of doing this we build up many examples and theorems relating to operators on a Hilbert or Banach space. Continuing we study some spectral theory to prove the Fredholm Alternative and a special case of Lomonosov's theorem.

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Analysis Commons