Several papers and books by C. Isham, C.Isham-A. Doering, F. Van Oystaeyen, A.Mallios-I. Raptis, C. Mulvey, and Guts and Grinkevich, have been published on the methods of categories and sheaves to study quantum gravity. Needless to say, there are well-written treatises on quantum gravity whose methods are non-categorical and non-sheaf theoretic. This paper may be one of the first papers explaining the methods of sheaves with minimally required background that retains experimental applications. Temporal topos (t-topos) is related to the topos approach to quantum gravity being developed by Prof. Chris Isham of the Oxford-Imperial research group (with its foundations inthe work of F. W. Lawvere). However, in spite of strong influence from papers by Isham, our method of t-topos is much more direct in the following sense. Our approach is much closer to the familiar applications of the original algebraic geometric topos where little logic is involved.



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