Department - Author 1

Materials Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Materials Engineering



Primary Advisor

Richard Savage


The LunaLight, a solar rechargeable light and cell phone charger, addresses the lack of access to electricity faced by 1.4 billion of the world’s population (International Finance Corporation). The LunaTech team has developed a product that is bright, simple, compact, versatile and competitive with existing products. Through a partnership with the non-profit organization One Million Lights, LunaTech has improved a previous team’s design to address user feedback, concerns of durability, and manufacturability.

The LunaLight design includes a 5 component plastic housing held together by 4 screws, a surface mounted PCB, a lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery, one high-brightness LED, a solar panel, and a buckled strap. The plastic housing is compact and can be worn comfortably across the front of the body. LunaTech designed the product to meet a set of engineering specifications based on both user and distributor needs and to provide the unique benefit of hands-free use. With the final design complete, LunaTech has laid out the current design and plans for design verification and production in the following report.

To produce initial prototypes, LunaTech utilized the 3D printers operated by the Materials Engineering and Mechanical Engineering departments at Cal Poly as well as the reflow lab operated by the Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering department. The team completed the first fully assembled prototype including a 3D printed ABS housing and an assembled PCB. This prototype was tested for functionality.

Once the LunaLight design was verified, LunaTech produced four fully assembled housing components using plastic casting with the goal of completing 25 units by the end of Spring Quarter. To complete the product LunaTech ordered 25 fully assembled PCBs and sets of external components. Students have assembled these units to be sold and distributed through One Million Lights, Living Goods, and the Dominican Sisters of Oakford. After gathering feedback from these customers during the summer,the LunaLight will be market- proven and may move into mass production. Before shipping these models to the customers, several tests were performed including ergonomic, charging, battery life, and brightness tests. Please find a detailed description of the final design, production plans, and design verification plans in the following pages.