Materials Engineering Department

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BS in Materials Engineering




Trevor Harding


A problem exists with a part produced by forging made by Shultz Steel of Ti-6Al-4V in the variance of properties throughout the part. There is one specific region that exhibits the most variance. The purpose of the report is to determine any microstructural differences within the region of interest in the part. When microstructures of the inner section and outer section of the part were looked at it was determined that they exhibited a martensitic structure. There was a noticeable difference in the lath structure between sections. The outer region contained larger more widely spread laths of an average length of 99.92 μm while the inner region consisted of finer and shorter grains more closely packed with an average length of 75.89 μm. It was then deduced that the cooling rate between the inner section and outer section was the most likely cause for these differences. Further testing will be conducted consisting of tensile testing, box micrographs, and Electron Backscatter Diffractometry (EBSD).

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Metallurgy Commons