Conventional high performance liquid chromatography instrumentation and packing materials can be inexpensively and rapidly utilized for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of various metal cations or anions. The final approaches utilize reversed phase HPLC in the form of paired-ion separations. The detection of individually eluted, fully resolved metal cations or anions is possible via conventional refractive index or inductively coupled plasma emission spectroscopic detection. In many cases, unresolved mixtures of metal cations, eluted as a single peak on HPLC, can be resolved and identified via the use of ICP detection. Both metal cations and anions can be easily resolved, according to oxidation states, using paired-ion techniques, in combination with ICP detection. Final data representation can be in the form of conventional, continuous RI and/or ICP chromatograms, via pulsed data ICP presentations, and/or via tabular ICP data presentation.


Materials Science and Engineering

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