A fun, yet educational, laboratory activity was developed for the first week of an introductory Materials Engineering laboratory in order to set the stage for the rest of the quarter. The class is broken up into 8 teams, and each team performs a different experiment during each lab period. The teams then rotate lab experiments each week in a round robin manner, and thus teamwork is an important component of the class. In order to quickly promote team bonding the very first week, each team goes on a materials scavenger hunt together. A variety of materials-related items are to be found around the campus, and various questions must be answered for each item. In addition, each scavenger hunt item is photographed with a Polaroid I-zone camera that produces sticker pictures. While the students work together, they are also being exposed to several materials engineering concepts (many of which will be covered in the lab). The students realize the impact of materials in their daily lives and in the world around them through this activity. The relatively inexpensive lab activity can be easily modified to suit the needs of different instructors. The assignment, procedures, and assessment of the lab activity will be discussed.


Materials Science and Engineering



URL: https://digitalcommons.calpoly.edu/mate_fac/9