Near-equiatomic Ni-Ti, known for its shape memory behavior, can decompose to martensitic phases and/or second phase compounds. This phase competition is investigated in NixTi100-x (494Ti3 but no martensite in the AQ state, consistent with resistivity and dilatometry results which showed no hysteresis indicative of first order phase changes over 1.9 K4Ti3 amounts (present in the AQ state) did change upon loading, indicating the importance of shock-induced heating. A thermodynamically complete equation of state (EOS) for NiTi in its B2 (CsCl) structure was generated by ab initio quantum mechanical calculations. This was tested by performing laser-launched flyer experiments, which showed consistency with the theoretical EOS, validating its use in the prediction of dynamic loading histories in the samples during direct drive loading.


Materials Science and Engineering



URL: https://digitalcommons.calpoly.edu/mate_fac/18