College - Author 1

Orfalea College of Business

Department - Author 1


Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Business Administration



Primary Advisor

Dan Eller, Norm Borin


As the influence of the millennial population continues to grow, there is an increased demand for effective marketing techniques and methods for reaching this demographic group. With the expansion of technology and growth of social media, the advertising world has experienced tremendous changes in recent years that have been supplemented by the complexity of one of the world’s largest populations: millennials. While the millennial demographic is a difficult group that present a multitude of challenges for marketers, their purchasing power and growing influence act as a promising opportunity for brands.

This study examines the degree to which brands can effectively reach millennials with traditional marketing tactics and explores the demand for digital marketing in the rapidly changing advertising industry. This research sets out to examine marketing and advertising strategies for building stronger relationships with millennial consumers. Through investigation of current literature and interviews with industry experts and millennial consumers, conclusions will be drawn and analyzed. These findings will help brands and marketing professionals hone in on the best practices for building and maintaining profitable relationships with millennial consumers.